Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bucket List

As of late, I've discovered that I do, in fact, have a bucket list. Unofficially, of course. Otherwise, how could I discover it? Essentially, it's a list in the back of my mind of things that I've always desired to do. They're little things, not big things. Well, to an extent. But, I've suddenly finding myself checking these things off of my bucket list.

For example. I adore Ultimate Frisbee. A lot. It's a fairly recent development. I've always enjoyed Ultimate, but I never felt that burning passion for it until Friday morning. We were playing, and I was doing next to nothing in the way of helping my team. In fact, there were quite a few times in which I was hurting them. Then everyone left. Except for the few, the proud, those who remained. We had 6 left, which meant 3 on 3. Suddenly, I HAD to do something. And suddenly, I was dominating. Kind of. But what really matters this: I dove for the frisbee, and I caught it. Among the most amazing moments of my life. Had there been a camera, a picture slightly more epic than a combination of these three would have been captured.

It was incredible. And as I quickly popped up and threw the frisbee to a teammate, I realized, through the pain of the impact, that I had accomplished a life goal. I have always thought the diving for a frisbee would be incredibly intense, and I wanted to accomplish it. And I did!

For example, Part II. On Wednesday. Not the kind of today's variety, but that of last week's. Having finished our game of Ultimate Frisbee, we sat on the turf, attempting to decide if we would play another game. Amidst our ponderings, one of us pointed out the fact that range was in session. After spending some time mocking the youngins, I remembered. Sophomore year, during Indoor Track, our senior girls were doing essentially the same thing. Then one, I don't recall which, invented a brilliant plan. "What if," said she, "we pretended to be cars and ran around on the range while it was going?" We all had a good laugh, and never mentioned it again. But as I looked on to the range a week ago, my memory was sparked. And thus began the adventure. There were seven of us, so naturally, we arranged ourselves in the shape of a van. I was the initial driver - we practiced the basics. Using the frisbee as the steering wheel, I drove us around the turf, turning as I desired. After a time, I decided to give someone else a turn to drive. My front seat passenger jumped at the chance. He, however, was driving a European van. With him, we practiced our reaction time - quick stops. We also practiced donuts. Following this, I drove again. We practiced our backwards figure 8s. Then, we were ready. We climbed through, over, or under the fence. We were in. Once our positions had been resumed, we drove. Parallel parking always being a difficult skill to master, we decided to practice. After pulling up to a spot, we found that a car had pulled up behind us. Politely moving out of their way, we made a U-turn and proceeded to prepare to back into a different spot. Just then, the driver of the car behind us told us through her window that "he want[ed] [us] to get off." Shortly following this announcement, the range instructor yelled to us to "get off!" So we did.

This long story was yet another one of my bullet points on my unofficial bucket list. And I can now cross it off.

Upon pondering these two experiences, I reached a conclusion. Bucket lists are the best idea ever. They are so exciting. They give you an idea of something to do in times of boredom, and something to work towards, and a rush of excitement when you check them off. So, I've decided that I want to bring these bullet points from the back of my mind, to the front. And write them down. And seek to accomplish them. Two down, an infinite amount to go. And I can't wait.

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