1. Drive a human car on the range...while it's in session
  2. Dive catch a frisbee during a game of ultimate
  3. Jump catch a frisbee during a game of ultimate
  4. Go on a humanitarian trip to Africa
  5. Learn a language
  6. Learn to play the piano
  7. Cook a delicious meal entirely on my own
  8. Qualify for and run the Boston marathon
  9. Learn to tie a tie
  10. Finish The Grapes of Wrath
  11. Eat 20 points worth of Godfather's Pizza
  12. Go on a humanitarian trip to South America
  13. Get accepted to college
  14. Move out
  15. Play intramural rugby
  16. Play intramural frisbee
  17. Attend a Jon Schmidt concert
  18. Make a hair accessory
  19. Sew a dress
  20. Study for and take the ACT Plus Writing
  21. Read a slew of books for my own enjoyment including, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Les Mis, unabridged--Victor Hugo
    2. The Help--Kathyrn Stockett
    3. The Kite Runner--Khaled Hossini
    4. Atlas Shrugged--Ayn Rand
    5. Wuthering Heights--Emily Brontë
    6. Three Cups of Tea--Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
    7. Jesus the Christ--James E. Talmage
    8. The Screwtape Letters--C. S. Lewis
    9. A Tale of Two Cities--Charles Dickens
    10. East of Eden--John Steinbeck
    11. Man's Search for Meaning--Viktor Frankl
    12. A Thousand Splendid Suns--Khaled Hosseini
    13. Grapes of Wrath--John Steinbeck
    14. Letters--Marjorie Pay Hinckley
    15. Small and Simple Things--Marjorie Pay Hinckley
    16. The Road--Cormac McCarthy
    17. And There Was Light--Jacques Lusseyran
    18. The Secret Life of Bees--Sue Monk Kidd
    19. Girl in Translation--Jean Kwok
  22. Watch every movie created by the Olsen twins
  23. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  24. Win a scholarship
  25. Go on a backpacking trip
  26. Run around a revolving door ten times without stopping
  27. Watch every Indiana Jones movie
  28. Watch every Star Wars movie
  29. Watch every Lord of the Rings movie
  30. Read the Book of Mormon in 24 hours
  31. Use a boys bathroom of the non-single toilet variety
  32. Run an ultra-marathon
  33. Complete a triathlon
  34. Play an intense game of Monopoly all the way to the end
  35. Go on a cattle drive
  36. Make a mailbox with my husband's, my kids' and my handprints and names painted on it
  37. Randomly doorbell (or knock) ditch a dessert in the odd hours of the night
  38. Run a half-marathon
  39. Learn to play the guitar
  40. Get married in the temple
  41. Live on the East coast
  42. Take and complete Financial Lit
  43. Go dog sledding
  44. Go a day without talking
  45. See the Northern Lights
  46. Sleep over in the lab
  47. Visit the Great Wall of China
  48. Cook something in the odd hours of the night
  49. Bake something in the odd hours of the night
  50. Sit in a café with a laptop and a mug of hot chocolate and look like I'm doing something of great importance
  51. Start my own business
  52. Start a non-profit organization
  53. Travel somewhere in the Middle East
  54. Travel somewhere in Europe
  55. Go on a picnic
  56. Visit an Amish community
  57. Make a quilt
  58. Sew a skirt
  59. Take and complete the 50 Week Challenge
  60. See Les Misérables on Broadway
  61. See Phantom of the Opera
  62. Actually decorate my bedroom
  63. Decorate a home of my own
  64. Sing in the Provo Tabernacle
  65. Sing in the Salt Lake Tabernacle
  66. Sing in the Conference Center
  67. Register to vote
  68. Vote
  69. Be in a flash mob
  70. Participate in an intense, incredibly messy food fight