Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A 50 Week Challenge

If you will recall, I recently posted a video entitled "The Power of Words: 50 words that lift, motivate, and inspire from a LDS Mormon view." Okay, so I posted it yesterday. But just in case you struggle scrolling down a tinge to find it, there's the link.

I've honestly lost track of how many times I've watched that video, it's so perfect. As I was watching it this morning, a realization came to me: there are 50 words in the video and there are, if you count this week, 50 weeks left of the year. I'm pretty sure you can see where I'm going with this. Whoever you are, you are hereby invited to join me in this adventure of upliftingness, motivation, inspiration and self-discovery. One word a week can change a lot. Starting with this week's word--peace.

a state of tranquility; 
freedom from disturbance


  1. So I am taking the challenge with you. So I decided to write the word every week on my calendar. Unfortunately, there are actually only 48 words.

  2. Hm, that's really weird. Well, we'll figure something out when the time comes :)

  3. Oh dearest Dani! Thank you so much for your beautiful blog. I was filled with warm fuzzies when I read it today and I am so grateful for someone like you. Thanks!

  4. I'm going to join you on your challenge. And, I think this week's word is very fitting.

  5. I'm going to join your challenge too! Expect a blog post soon from me :]
    p.s. Video, you were right, greatest thing ever.