Thursday, January 13, 2011

Number !#!

Okay, that seriously is what I typed at first, apparently I was so excited that I had to hold the shift key for all three symbols. But the real title of the post is "Number 13!"

13. Get accepted to college

I often pull up to my mailbox and take in the mail when I come home. But, as of late, there's been absolutely nothing in there for me. I almost didn't check it today. Thankfully, I decided to walk over after I had parked my car to retrieve the boringsauce mail. But as I flipped through the mail, something caught my eye - my name. I looked up to the left-hand corner and saw that it was from the University of Utah Admissions Office. I frantically ran to my car, gathered my belongings, picked up the mail I had dropped in my haste, picked up the book I had dropped as I picked up the mail, speed-hobbled to my door, waited for my mom to unlock it, threw my stuff on the bench, grabbed the envelope and walked around the corner to open my letter in relative privacy.

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the University of Utah's entering freshman class for:
Fall 2011

I am thrilled. My fears of not being accepted to the colleges I applied to have been vanquished. I'm going to college!


  1. YAAAAAYYYYYY DANIA!!!!! Now get accepted somewhere better than the U. Just sayin ;)

  2. Hooray! K, just ignore Tyler. I'm so excited for you! That's an awesome "end of term sucks" distraction.

  3. I ditto Bronwen. Congrats Dania!

  4. That rocks my socks...... wait... oh well. congrats dania!

  5. talk about a great end to the semseter! Congratulations!