Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Summer

Yes, I will eventually get around to sharing my Fijian adventures. But I don't have the time. Actually, yes I do. But it is not how I desire to spend it at this precise moment. Don't worry about it.

So today, I was scholarship hunting. The usual. But as it turns out, I got distracted. Somehow I found myself, not writing my essay like I should have been, but upside down French braiding my hair. Then I took pictures. With my computer. As pictured below.

The necessary shot from the back

Dramatic? Yes. CD cover? Potentially.

Creepo face? Check.

Indescribable face? Also check.

Who knows? Who even knows.

And now, here I am, sharing my distraction with the world. Just kidding. The whole world does not follow my blog. Let me rephrase. Here I am, sharing my distraction with the few who bother with their time and energy to read my ramblings. Assuming anyone does at all. Anyways. You gotta love summer. If this were to happen during the school year, I would be awake all night finishing what I should have been doing. But tonight, I can sleep in my comfy, cozy, large and wonderful bed. Heaven.

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