Monday, August 2, 2010

Fijian Sights

First, let's clarify. These "sights" are not an Eiffel Tower kind of sight. AKA, they're not the kind people come from all over the world to specifically see. These kind of "sights" are the kind that I just...saw around. Without further ado, I give you the sights.

Digicel is their cell phone company. You see these big red buildings and signs for it EVERYWHERE.

Note the flowers within the flower.

This was on the Wai Lai Lai island - they French braided a palm tree leaf around a pole and stuck some flowers in it.

The sunrise on the Wai Lai Lai island

This was crazy cool. For those of you Anaconda fanatics, you may recognize this waterfall. Apparently Anaconda was filmed here, and we went swimming in it for a while with the villagers the first day we went to the village.

This is at a little shopping area that we stopped by. It had the place where we got to have our laundry done!

This is how we got our water everyday. The water wasn't clean to drink, so we had to buy big jugs of purified water. John made a funnel out of a water bottle and held it tight to the other bottle while one of the boys poured the jug. They got to where they could fill it up to the very top but not have any pour out. Talk about skill.

For those who weren't aware, Fijians were once cannibals.

Our last sunset in Fiji

This is how we got our bags in and out of the bus on our way to the airport

We were looking for snacks in the airport for the 10 hour flight home and came across these. Towers and towers of cigarettes, each with its own personal label expressing the hazards of smoking. These are but a few of the examples.

These were some of the random sights I came across during my stay on the other side of the world.