Monday, August 2, 2010

Road Signs

I've reached a conclusion. Road signs in foreign countries are always entertaining. And why wouldn't they be? I mean, you see the signs in your country on a daily basis, and the signs in foreign countries are, well...foreign. They use different terminology, they're in different languages if you go to the right place, and they're just plain different. So, as an ode to the road signs in Fiji, I have a post about them.

Sadly, these are the only pictures I have of the road signs. There were others. I tried to capture them. The bus drove too fast.

One sign commonly seen was the "Give Way" sign. In essence, it was a "Yield" sign. It was the same shape, same color. The wording, however, was different. And entertaining.

Another was a pedestrian sign. It was that of a mother and child crossing the street. I know what you are thinking. "We have those too." To that, I respond with a resounding, "False!" The difference is this: in America the mother and child are walking. In Fiji, they are running. I find this to be backwards. There's a thing Fijians like to call "Fiji Time," which basically means everyone is late, so no one is. Except for Americans, who stress being on time for various reasons, and then view everyone else as late. Typical.

These signs were a means of entertainment on our daily bus rides. So there you have it.

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