Monday, October 11, 2010

Everyone Should Have a Bucket List

I love my bucket list. It doesn't matter that some of the points on this list are written down and crossed off within a second of each other. The satisfaction is just the same. As it turns out, #31 was introduced to the list in this very matter.

It was a Friday afternoon. As an editor of the school paper with a deadline fast approaching, I was spending the majority of my time in the journalism lab adjusting layouts. Mid-text box creation, McKann whipped around the corner and into the lab saying, "Tyler, the girls bathroom is locked. I need you to come and make sure the boys bathroom is empty." Recognizing this as an opportune moment, I jumped up to join her. The bathroom was in use for a time, so we waited. Once we were in the clear, McKann and I ran in. The toilets were nasty - we had to flush them prior to use. Our excitement overcame us a little more than anticipated and Tyler, standing guard, had to poke his head in and say, "You guys have got to be quiet. If anyone walks by they are going to know that girls are in here." Needless to say, we toned it down a tinge after that. As we washed our hands, we noticed that something was missing. The paper towels. Apparently the boys had proved themselves incapable of handling something so complex as placing a paper towel in the trash can and were shafted to the use of a hand dryer that blows cold air. No matter, that's what pants are for anyways. Wiping our hands on our pants, we ran out the door and back to the lab. Mission accomplished.

31. Use a boys bathroom of the non-single toilet variety



  1. I am so sorry you had to endure that cold air. Welcome to my life. ;)