Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at Home

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve this year has been a party. The Whitings came over and we just had an absolute blast eating, talking and just enjoying good company. 

We started off sitting around the living room and kitchen, indulging our taste buds and listening to the soft sounds of It's a Wonderful Life and the murmur of quiet conversation. Except for the times interrupted by small children, which was a regular occurrence. Okay, so it wasn't 100% peace and quiet, but it was quite enjoyable. We had a chance to relax and chat and the kids had fun decorating cookies for Santa and playing hand games.

Jackie playing with her dad, Steve.

Dallin and Tori enjoying the movie.

Jackie decorating cookies for Santa.

Adi decorating cookies.

Eli. Eating cheese.

Jackie and Grandpa. I love this.

Eli flipping over the couch.

They just celebrated their 50th anniversary! 

Josi took her first steps today! It was a very exciting moment. Isn't she a doll?

After a while, Adi and Jackie got our attention and notified us that they would be putting on a Nativity show for us and that some of us had been assigned roles. I assigned myself as the photographer for the event.

Grandpa was the narrator.

Steve was Joseph.

Ali was Mary and my dad was the donkey.

Josi was baby Jesus. Note the laundry basket acting as the manger.

Adi and Jackie were angels.

Mike was a wise man.

Benny wanted to be a shepherd too.
It was by far the most entertaining thing of the night. Well done, girls.

Then Dallin sang a Christmas song to us, with Jackie as his backup, and did an excellent job.

Then came present time! You know the drill, hand out the presents and go hog-wild. 

Behold, the sneak peak to the Christmas mess.
After everyone left, I couldn't help but capture a few little pieces of Christmas around my house. After all, my camera was already out and they'd all be disappearing after tomorrow.

I love Christmas time. I love that it brings people together, especially families. I love the songs, I love the decorations, but most of all, I love what Christmas is truly about. A King, a Lord, a Ruler of Nations, born in the most humble of circumstances. A Savior.  My Savior. Born to save us all.

This time of year, especially, take some time to remember the real Christmas. Take some time to be alone and ponder. To feel for yourself what Christmas is. It will change your life.