Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save a Life -- Give Blood

"I consider it paying rent."

For those of us who are eligible to donate blood, it is the least that we can do. For a healthy body, it isn't much to ask that you get two pokes every two months. It doesn't take long and you get free food and drinks! (And sometimes free shirts, as pictured above.)

I will forever be an advocate of donating blood. I adore it. I'm up to three times now! I feel so good every time I donate -- I am helping someone in desperate need, I am saving up to three lives. You can count on a pint of my blood every two months.

P.S. Facebook has an app called "Give Blood Countdown" that will notify you when you're almost eligible again.

Find facts about blood and donating blood here.

Find stories about donating blood here.

Find tips on donating blood here.

Go here or here or here to find where you can donate locally.

Now, if you are eligible, go out there and give blood!

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