Monday, February 28, 2011

February Quotes

Mrs. Crosland: If you love me, thou shalt shut up.

Andrew: This is like, cloudy with a chance of murder.

Mrs. Crosland: It sparked the flame that wrote the story.

Tyler: I'm tellin' you. Those freshman girls, I'm watchin' out.

Dania: They were holding hands and about to die.
Mr. Davis: That sounds nice.

Andrew: It doesn't taste good enough for me to chew it up and swallow.

Steph: Seductive blinking--for when one eye's not enough.

Mrs. Crosland: Now, this may cause some fear and trembling.

Conrad: So, if too much of a good thing is bad, is too much of a bad thing good?

John: I just wanted to say something epic. "Lead to your eternal damnation and hellfire."

Conrad: Let's get spiritually obese, everybody.

John: Grape juice would've been expensive.

John: Just today, my alarm disfunctioned.

John: You know, whatever it takes. If I'm not wearing a jacket, or if I'm not wearing pants...
Conrad: I'd like to provide my excuse too.

Conrad: Weep and wail, gnash teeth. (Chomps down twice.)

Andrew: K, do you wanna touch my neck?
Dania: No.

Andrew: Hey! They're doing it without me! That's the Lord of the Rings drinking song! I know the words!

Jasmine: Don't pull my garment apart!

Lauren: I love your hat!
Old Man: You like it? Do you want it?
Lauren: I would love your hat, but you can keep it. Your head's probably cold.
Old Man's Wife: He has a little less hair than you do.

Ben: I'm not stressed, I'm motivated to work.

Ben: I can carry a conversation with anyone--even no one.

Dania: I'm very much not a fan.

Kristy: Jacob, I'm sad we're not on the same bus. We haven't had a catchie upie in a while.

Jacob: Danger lurks, even in the happiest of places.

Josh: I brought my brass knuckles in my purse.

Catie: Jacob doesn't feel pain.
Jacob: Yeah, I'm a boy.

McKann: I think it sounds fun to have a baby, but I can't imagine shoving one out of my pelvis!

Kirsti: Oh, you know what? I'm at a house.

Andrew: I don't like Orlando Bloom in this movie. He's much better as an elf.

Catie: Seriously, who has dead dreads?

Catie: Hey, if I was gonna battle pirates, I would put some pants on.

Jacob: It's like she's single, but not quite.

Bronwen: K, the only thing that can get me is a cougar, or a bear.
Andrew: Bring a pistol.

Emma: I was with you until the, "Let's have kids and pop out babies!"

Daniel: Did you just hit me in the back?
Andrew: It was more of a man tap.

Seth: Stuart, I'm gonna need some loving arms. And if you wanna tenderize them, you can.


  1. I love this lovely tradition of yours.

  2. Oh my, I saw this in your news feed and I got super excited because I thought....oh my goodness I am on you know how long I've waited for this moment?

    And I agree with Bronwen, lovely as usually and full of tons of laughs!

  3. Hee hee I think Jacob's is my favorite (single, but not quite), even though I wasn't there. (Or was I?) And Steph's. I laughed out loud because I could imagine her saying that.

  4. Thank goodness for quotable friends.