Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take It

Every breath is an opportunity.

That's what I remember from my yoga class today. As we stretched, the instructor invited us to sink deeper with each exhale. The room filled with the sound of breathing and shifting bodies -- each drawing nearer to the earth below. Struggling to move past the point of comfort, I heard the instructor say, "Every breath is an opportunity." An opportunity to achieve. She told us to focus on our breathing and allow that focus to remove any thought of our inability. Breathing out, I lowered my nose towards my outstretched legs.

Every breath is an opportunity. Not only in yoga, but in everyday life. In the little things. Every breath offers the choice to push a little harder, reach a little farther, and be a little better. It is an opportunity to forget why you can't do something and remember why you can. In the moment of every breath, there is an offer to progress. Will you take it?

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