Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Love Bronwen

The other day, when I logged onto blogger, I found the most wonderful thing. My very best friend, Bronwen Biddulph, made a post on her blog about how much she loves me and how grateful she is that she has a friend like me. I have read many blogs and have often had tears well up in my eyes at the things that people have said but never before have I been so touched by so few words. So, I decided that it would only be fair if I returned the favor.

I love Bronwen so much! She is so beautiful!!!

She's pretty much the most intensely cool person I know! 

She is a famous model.

She has so much fun every day! That should me be holding her hand.

That should be me too.

 If only Tyler's head wasn't in the way.

Jacob tried to steal her from me. But don't worry. She said no.

Anyway, I just want the world to know, that Bronwen is the most beautiful, kind, and loving girl in the world and if you don't know her, you should.


  1. :) I love Bronwen too! I saw the title of this and I got so excited. I was like "Oh my goodness, I love Bronwen!!!!"

  2. Bahahaha. I miss this Dania. I miss being silly with you.