Monday, April 11, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Dream

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Remember when I told you that I love to read?

This is my dream: to have a library in my home. I don't care if it is the smallest room in the house, but I desperately desire a place to be set aside for books, reading, and the general feeling of coziness that accompanies the combination of paper and ink. In my fantasy land, my library will be the picture of perfection, as described below.

Upon entering the room, you immediately notice the walls--they are all lined with books. Naturally, they will be organized according to a system that I have yet to develop, but they certainly will be easily found.  The books sit on bookcases that contribute to an overall feeling of warmth, perhaps similar to those pictured above. Windows will allow for natural lighting during the daylight hours--and each window will be adorned with light, flowy, calming curtains. Comfortable seating will be provided, preferably individual reading chairs scattered about the room. Each chair will be accompanied by its own lamp. In addition, each will have a side table for organizational purposes. Tucked in a corner will be a basket filled with cozy and unique blankets, perfect for curling up under. On one wall will include a fireplace to add to the feeling of coziness, especially in the wintertime. No matter the season, the temperature will be kept just below the normal comfort level to allow for the curling-up-under-the-blanket-while-reading atmosphere. I absolutely would not be opposed to a rolling ladder. The walls will be painted a cozy tone--one shade of brown or another. Flashlights will also be available for those times that you desire to experience the staying-up-till-all-hours-of-the-night-reading feel. There will be outlets available for computers in case you are feeling writing more than reading. The carpet will be lush and soft. There will be a good amount of open space on the floor.

My library will be a sanctuary. I love it already.

This video is super cool. 

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  1. That video is also someone wasting hours and hours of their life, and me watching it instead of doing online classes.. Gaaah! Haha.