Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is it weird to crave a place?

Lately I've had an uncontrollable and insatiable craving for Fiji.

Dear Mau Village,

I miss you. I miss everything about you. I miss the love that you showed--towards me and towards each other. I miss the commitment that you had towards supporting everyone. I miss how selfless you are. I miss your laughter and your endless teasing. I miss fighting with you to let me work. I miss hearing you cheer my name as I dug. I miss hauling bags and bags and bags of sand and gravel. I miss the cinderblocks. I miss the Bridge of Death. I miss playing "Some Mario" with the kids. I miss the bus ride to you. I miss listening to that one CD all day, every day. I miss the dance parties and trying to hide them from Mary. I miss your sincere desire to learn more about me and to tell me about yourselves. I miss your singing. I miss your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, your faith. I miss rugby. I miss red rover. I miss volleyball. I miss eating lunch with you every day. I miss your willingness to give and I miss your gratitude. I miss your company.

You have taught me more than you will ever know, and probably more than I will ever know. I constantly find myself remembering a moment with you, a moment that shaped and defined me. I remember the joy that I felt with you and I just know that everything will be okay. That life is an experience, and it is one that is oh-so-good. I remember that perspective is everything, and we can choose to soak up the good and laugh off the bad. You have taught me to love long, hard, and fierce. To love with everything and in everything--to love without fear. I will forever be learning lessons from memories with you.

I hope that you know that you have a loving and a living Savior. I hope that you know that Jesus Christ lived, suffered, and died for you. I hope you know that He loves you beyond anything we can comprehend. I hope you know that you have a Father in Heaven and that you can return to Him. I hope you know that He loves you as well. I hope you know that your families can be together forever through righteous living and the acceptance of priesthood ordinances. I hope that you will have the opportunity to learn of the Gospel and of the joy that it brings. I hope that, if you ever encounter two missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you will listen to them. I hope that you will let their message into your life. I hope that you will accept their message. I hope that you will feel of its truthfulness as I have. I hope that you listen to that feeling.

I hope to return to you, someday, and I hope that you remember me. I hope that a piece of me remains with you as a piece of you remains with me. I love you, with all of my heart. I will never forget you.

Vinaka vakelevu. For everything.

Love always,


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