Monday, May 16, 2011

This Merits a Blog Post

As I pin on Jacob's boutonniere.
P.S. Please observe my phenomenal corsage.

Friday, May 13, 2011. Senior Ball, kiddos. It was such a blast. Seriously. Allow me to explain.

The day began with a delicious breakfast, prepared by exactly one dozen fine young men. Waffles, pancakes, strawberries, whipped cream, bacon, eggs, orange juice, chocolate milk, heavenly syrup, you name it. Jacob and I were joined by two or three other couples as we ate on the back porch in the lovely springtime weather. Soon, we all took to utilizing the glorious sunshine for none other than...shadow puppets! We created a giraffe, a tarantula, a bird, even a wedding. It was glorious fun, especially when I looked up and found the rest of the group staring at me from inside.

We then traveled to a nearby park, where the day date really got exciting. Ever played three-legged capture the flag? It took Jacob and me some time to master the motion, and we took a couple of hard hits, but it was an absolute blast. I am of the opinion that it is a sport that should be played and loved by all. (Rumor has it that Tyler was the mastermind behind this brilliance. He will forever stand as a genius in my book.) In fact, I think it should become an intramural sport. Shall we begin a petition?

After two games, leaving the teams tied, we sat down for a chat and some various games including, but not limited to, grass wars, the finger game, and the most epic battle of ninja destruction that I have ever experienced in my life. For those of you poor souls who don't know what these games are, observe the pictures below. Since those probably won't help you understand the games at all, you could ask if you really wanted to know. (Photos by McKann.)

Matt and Caleb crack me up.

Seth and Kristy.

Let the grass wars begin!

Jacob is incredibly pleased about the grass in my mouth.

I can't get enough of this picture. Seth and John both.

By this point, it was gettin' pretty crazy.

Finger game.

I really just love this picture.

Ninjaaaaa destruction!

The time eventually came to go home and prepare ourselves for the remainder of the evening. My dearest mother and I had some struggles with my hair that we eventually overcame. And she insisted on running me around the yard to take pictures, as any good mother would. When Jacob arrived, we successfully completed the exchange of the corsage/boutonniere, took the standard picture-by-the-arbor, and hopped in the car to go take more pictures.

Hair/dress/whatever shot.

Excuse the glare, if you will. 

I have yet to receive those pictures, so they cannot yet be posted. (Tell me, does that sound smart, or just lame?) Just the same, we took them on BYU campus along a cutie red brick path and stream and grassy hills and so on. Since there were a whopping 12 couples in our group, it took a while to go through all of them, and Jacob and I needed a way to kill time. So we sat down on a rock by the river, picked through the pebbles along the edge and he taught me how to skip rocks. On water. I successfully skipped at least one or two. This was most definitely a defining moment in my life, though I can't tell you why.

Following the picture-taking, we ventured on out to Sleepy Ridge where Magleby's catered and just about put me in a six-day coma due to overexcitement of the taste buds. The dinner was delicious, and perfectly timed. And better yet, it was finished with best crêpes I have ever had in my entire life. I swear, they were filled with fluffy white clouds straight from Heaven.

Photo Credit
Yum yum yum yum yum.

We were then sent outside to enjoy the beauties of the grounds while the room was set up for the dance. Wow, it was beautiful. The sun was setting quite nicely as we strolled the grounds, and we couldn't resist taking a few pictures along the way. (Photos by McKann.)

Awkward standing under a beautiful blue sky.

A let's-pretend-we-just-realized-how-madly-
picture of sorts.

Thankfully, by the time the mosquitoes had fully emerged, the dance had begun and we went inside to find sweet freedom from the blood-sucking insects outside. I kicked of my shoes and had a swingin' good time dancing the night away. There was even a moment of panic and relief when a slow song came on and my date was in the bathroom--he came running, wide-eyed, and fighting his way through the crowds of love-struck teens. It was very romantic.

Following the dance, we all sat around on Andrew's couches, had a good chat, ate some good cupcakes, and played a good game of Catch Phrase. Eventually we were tired enough to summon the willpower to get off the couches and bring everyone home to actually sleep.

And thus, with a hug on the doorstep, Senior Ball of 2011 came to a close. Thank you, Jacob, for a blast of a night--it was perfect!

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