Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work and Stuff

The other day, I went to work. Actually, I've gone to work many a day recently. But the other day is the day that I wish to speak about. Continuing on--the other day, I went to work. On this particular day (Monday) the office was technically closed, but I was putting in hours and getting various things done with a wonderful woman named Tiff. We had been there for some time before it became lunch time, at which point she left to eat, and I was left alone.

This was not distressing in any way. In fact, it was rather beneficial to me, for it left me free to sing along to the radio in any fashion I pleased. I kicked off my shoes and began to enjoy my life immensely. As time went on, I became increasingly secure in my aloneness and soon reached the point of a barefoot, singing, dancing, filing-papers-away party with myself. As if that weren't enough, this song came on and I was just in heaven. Singing at a decent decible, I turned around to tear some more perforations only to find a man standing at the front desk. Fully clad in purple, I soon recognized him as the FedEx guy. Stunned into silence for a moment, I eventually recovered enough to carry on the following conversation.

FedEx Guy: Hi.
Me: Hi.
FedEx Guy: (Offering the machine thing for me to sign.) You the only one here today?
Me: Yeah. For now, at least.
FedEx Guy: You're the one that got stuck, huh?
Me: (Awkward chuckle of acknowledgement.)
FedEx Guy: Well, at least you have air conditioning.
Me: (With a smile) Yep.
FedEx Guy: (Takes his sign-machine thing back) Well, see ya.
Me: Yep. Have a good day!
Exit FedEx Guy.

After taking a moment to fully absorb the awkwardness of the situation, I resumed my barefoot, singing, dancing, filing-papers-away party with myself. Thankfully, by some stroke of luck--or perhaps divine intervention--I was maintaining a perfectly professional appearance when the man in brown from UPS arrived. Also thankfully, Selena Gomez didn't come on until immediately after UPS man left.

On another note, I saw a car jammed full of little old ladies on my way to work today. Short, curly, white hair and all.

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