Sunday, July 3, 2011


to conquer over the adversary

Racked with self-doubt, there are moments that I believe I cannot go on. Filled with fear, I cower in the corner, ready to give up the endeavor altogether. As I strive to draw nearer to perfection, I find myself stumbling time and time again--the view from the ground is disheartening, and I think to myself that this lofty goal is entirely out of my reach. The way is too treacherous. The slope is too steep. The destination is too high. I will never make it.

But, even as I sink ever deeper into despair, I remember the moment I first stepped onto this road. Though it is now rocky and barren, though I shiver in the cold, I remember what it is that I started for. I remember who it is that I started for--and suddenly I have the strength to rise and take one more step.

The adversary is the only one that would have us doubt ourselves, that would have us dwell on the negative, that would place fear into our hearts. Only he would have us focus on our shortcomings, and those whisperings of a cold wind come only from his mouth. The adversary would have us give in with the first fall--never to rise again.

But we can be victorious.

We are stronger than the adversary ever could be. We have the strength of ourselves, the support of dear friends, and the power of God on our side. How could we ever think that he has the ability to overcome us? How could we hand our lives over to the one who wants nothing more than our misery?

You know your potential--when you truly think on it, you know it. You know that you have the capability to accomplish remarkable things in your life. You know that you can and will influence many along the way. You know it, the adversary knows it, and God knows it. Which voice do you choose to follow? The one that tells you that you can't do it--or the one that says you can do that and so much more?

It is your choice, but only one will lead you down the road to victory.

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