Monday, August 15, 2011


an assemblage of graces

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of someone putting their full faith in God and turning their lives over to Him. Because in so doing, that person's life becomes more beautiful than she ever could have made it on her own. Because absolute faith and absolute trust absolutely lead to miracles big and small.

Because knowing that He is watching over me helps me to see the beauty that He created. Because there is beauty in His plan. Because, through Christ, my imperfect self can achieve perfection.

And that is beauty. Perfection and imperfection joined together.

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  1. I love your words, "perfection and imperfection together." That is a very interesting and profound thought and I really agree. I think that the beauty of the gospel--and so, all of life, is the union of the spirit which has infinite potential, beauty, possibility and godliness, and the physical body which has limitations, imperfections and mortality. You made me think of testimony meetings; I have never seen anyone who isn't incredibly beautiful while bearing a sincere testimony. Their spirit shines out. So anyways. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts!