Monday, August 1, 2011

July Quotes

The following quote is a lost sheep. It actually belongs in the June quotes.
Steph: Boys have cooties.
Dania: But they also have lips.

Camden: Okay, who wants to frolic with sparklers in the streets?

Camden: You play like a one-legged, 90-year-old woman.

Camden: This is incomplete! The pharaohs would be angry. 

Anonymous: I like my butt. Don't put that in the quote book!

Steph: Excuse me? That's like telling a mother to back off from her baby. 

Steph: Well, they can't be big cooties, that'd be weird. It's like a monkey on his back.

Kristy: I don't know why he would think I'm mad at him. The only thing I've done is avoid him.

Caleb: That FHE is designed to make other FHE's.

Andrea: People can stalk you with those shoes!

Adi: You're 18, you're supposed to love a boy!

Adi: Okay, and one more thing. When you're 18, you love boys. When Eli's 18, he'll love girls. When I'm 18, I'll eat pie.

Adi: You're 18, you're supposed to have kissed a boy!

Eli: Hey, Dania. Boy plus girl equals kiss.

Jeremy: This isn't a secret combination! We're...we're flirting!

Jeremy: This is by no way romantic!

Bronwen: I'm not wearing a shirt, I'm going full on Daisy Duke.

Caleb: Technically, I've been emotionless since I met you.

Caleb: Hey guys, look. Shadows Nursery. Why would you name a nursery that?
Emma: You know it's for plants, right?
Caleb: Oooooooooooooooooh.

Caleb: I'm the stamp queen and I love it.

Catherine: It was so fun because you could sin and it wasn't...

Dania: So you could sin without consequences?
Catherine: Ya--no!

Dania: At this rate you'll beat Camden.
Catherine: To Hell?

Xan: Oh Catherine, you are a delight.
Catherine: Well, Caleb is a...non-delight.

Brother Cranney: And he wanted to leave at 4. If I didn't love him I'd be mad at him.

Sister Cranney: I don't think God intended fruit to be a dessert. Fruit is a food group, chocolate is a dessert.

Caleb: It's fun to be stupid!

Caleb: I hate missing something vitally insulting.

Caleb: I don't like Freudian dweebs.

Steph: Who says friends can't kiss each other?

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