Monday, August 8, 2011

Signs of Summer

You know what I think is incomprehensibly odd? The fact that it is summer--aka: many, many hours of "freedom"--and I have spent next to none of those hours writing in any kind of form. To be entirely honest, I find this fact to be embarrassing. I love writing. And yet, I haven't even passed a sideways glance to this blog which I adore.

This is but one of many embarrassing realizations I have had over the course of the past few months. Allow me to explain. Without school, my life begins to fall into a sludge of nothingness bit by bit. It starts small--

"Oh," I think to myself, "I want only a little break, a time to relax and rewind, er, unwind."

And so it goes. I find myself in a land where little breaks become months wasted, and words mix around to mean what they don't.

You see, when I have the schedule of school, there's a natural and automatic end to my breaks. I have no choice. I can relax and rewind to my dearest heart's content, but soon enough the time comes where the natural course of things forces me out of my slumbering state and back into the land of productivity. But in the summer, there's nothing to snap me out of my lazy and absentminded self. 

In fact, the problem only progresses.

For example, I have often walked into the grocery store fully intending to purchase a delicious fruit to reward myself for a hard day's work, only to discover that I had no idea why it was that I was there. Instead of perusing the produce, I found myself fingering the lucky bamboo plants for sale in attempt to decide if it could handle two very stressful moves in one month.

Or there's the countless moments in conversation in which I stare blankly into the middle distance with absolutely nothing crossing my mind.

Or the time that I left, not only the keys in the ignition, but the car actually running, in the parking lot. The experience is made worse by the fact that I didn't notice it when I went to retrieve my camera from the car and had to be told by a more observant friend.

And thus, I give you absentmindedness. Another sign of summer.

Add to that all of the information I've lost, the shortening of my attention span, the lack of any kind of a schedule, the non-existence of any real kind of exercise, the inability to calculate anything, and a general sense of apathy towards whatever life has to offer.

Let's be honest, watching myself regress has been entirely entertaining. But my final words remain the same--

Thank heavens the start of class is a mere three weeks away.


  1. Pshh! I'm enjoying (quite a lot) this summer! I am excited for school to start and have had an occasional lazy day but have totally loved all the freedom and fun!