Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Quotes

Shayne: I don't eat cereal like you, okay? I don't eat a box in a day and a...less.

Hunter: She made me look like a double-fisted donut eater!

Dania: Seth, will you buy me chocolate and some flowers?
Seth: Maybe in your dreams tonight. Let me know how it goes.

Cristina: I had really fun.

Hunter: How bout we just record ourselves and then give you a censored tape?

Rosie: And with a name like...I don't, I don't remember his name. But it was memorable.

Shayne: I can't even talk like a woman.

Hunter: That adorable dog distracted me!

Christian: It's not my fault that girls obsess over me!

Christian: I'm not even leading her on anymore!

Kyle: I like girls, but they scare me.

Jake: If you shake it like this, it rains faster!

Andrew: Yeah, he broke his femur. Like, he's done the male equivalent of childbirth.

Conrad: Caleb Cranney, bring back an Asian.
Caleb: ...You mean to marry?

Caleb: The thing is, she won't ever finish it. You could give her an atom and she'd try to split it.

Kyle: Oh, he's the nicest kid you'll ever meet. I jumped into his arms. Multiple times.

Iris: Do YOU know how monkey butt smells?

Moaks: Why is this guy famous? He sounds pretty STUPID.

Moaks: What is the point of a communist party in the U.S.? They can just...move away.

Shayne: Is that what Anakin was? Jewish? And a boy?

Brooke: Uno more times.

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