Friday, July 20, 2012


I forgot what it feels like to look for my test scores on the screen of the testing center. That moment completely void of emotion--too scared to feel hope or dread. And then the moment of discovery, and instant joy, satisfaction, or the sudden appearance of a black hole somewhere in the depths of my insides.

The prayer that always follows, grateful for the opportunity to learn, to trust in Him.

And always the renewal of motivation to study harder.

Tests will be different this fall. I won't be walking back home through campus on cold, damp, winter evenings. I won't watch as the Christmas lights reflect in the puddles--at least, not in the same way.

Still, I'm excited for a new adventure. For viewing the home that campus has become in a new light. To develop new habits and traditions for myself.

And hopefully I'll be more successful with my tests than I am with soccer. I was creamed by an 8-year-old yesterday. I lost, 2-10.


  1. i love the byu testing center, so much. and no, i am not kidding!

    1. Me too! Seriously. I have literally run to get there faster...mostly because I was afraid that all the information was seeping out of my brain with every passing moment, but also because I love the building. I just like it there...I can't help myself.