Saturday, August 11, 2012

July 2012 Quotes

July was actually much more hilarious than this. Apparently it was just a lazy quotebooking month. I apologize for not properly documenting the 31 days of hilarious times with family and catching up with faraway friends. Here's to hoping I'm better these next 31 days. Regardless, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my July of 2012.

Mom: You have to have your cheeseburger to eat your toy.

Tori: I could live in a condo if that whole building were mine.

Mom: I keep smelling barf. Oh, it's his feet.

Tori: Dad, I don't know why you married Mom.
Mom: Thanks, Tor.

Benny: I'm going to teach Heavenly Father how to do a somersault!

Tori: Oh. I think I just licked a booger off my lips.

Dania: I thought those umbrellas were people.

Mom: I thought those wooden posts were turkeys.

Chase: See how cool it is to be a kid?

Benny: Lick me! Give me a lick.

Mom: Is it just me, or is it dizzy in here?

Brent: I've been going to girls' camp for eight years now.

Tori: So there's this girl wearing one of those one-piece outfits and she leaned over and totally gave herself a wedgie.

Mom: I think anybody who doesn't love the Olympics has no soul.


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  1. I used to keep a quote book! Reading this wants me to start it again, quotes are so fun to look back on!
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