Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November 2012 Quotes

Taylor: I didn't know a doily was a real thing, I jsut thought it was a derogatory term for a bad snowflake.

Taylor: That's a steroid doily!

Dania: My life is a tragedy.
Dustin: But you're in a pile of leaves, so it's okay.

Cali: Teeth brushing party?! Wait for me! I wanna come!

Lacey: Can I just say, I think we're a cuter couple than me and Michael.

Dania: Brad, how much do you love me?
Brad: That depends on whether or not you're trying to make me get you a free pizza.

Taylor: I'm gonna be like Cali, but with hairy legs and stuff.

Taylor: I have grey hairs, laugh lines, a bad back, and arthritis in my ankle. Why do I not have grandchildren out of this?!

Taylor: Do you hear that hair's pulse? It's a strong pulse.

Taylor: Scooter? I'm gonna name by kid Skateboard!

Dania: Benny, spitting on me is not nice.
Benny: It is nice. ..I thought it was funny...

Benny: Dania, I'm not going on a mission. I'm not going on a mission till I get this silly germ out of my eye.

Benny: I ate all my healthy foods, and now I'm stronger than a muscle! And stronger than anyone!

Benny: Oops! Try again, young Dania!

Jaron: I feel like postcards are the international symbol of love.

Janae: Ow. That was my earball.

Janae: I feel like a stuffed potato when we do this.

Taylor: It's not Anaheim! I was in a completely normal nude!

Taylor: It's true, cause you're laughing!

Dr. Swenson: Mirror mirror, on the wall, who's the professor in this room?

Brad: I'm going to go change into not clothes.

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