Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quote Book Catch Up

I am clearly behind on just about everything, including my quote book posts. I will be leaving this most beloved blog for a good 18 months as I serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but if you would like to follow along, drop by mission blog that my family will maintain for me.

And with that, I give you June, July, and what I have of August.

Tyler: I have the reflexes of a jungle cat.

Taylor: Can I go to the bathroom and then raise you from the dead?

Lacey: If you hear screaming children, it's just the goats.

Lacey: Tickling is about domination. Kissing is about sharing love.

Michael: If I was asleep, I could just pee.

Man in Kohl's: [to his child] Watch out for the humans. There's whole herds of 'em.

Lacey: I am the clever one, you are the potato.

Lacey: Oh no! Ah! Dang it, not again! I have toothpaste on my finger, and I rubbed it in my eye.

Lacey: I have a hair comin' out of the middle of my wound. Please note, Dani, that I said, "wound." With a "d" on the end.

Andrew: Alright, I'll let you hang out here. As long as you're doing something manly like shooting arrows with a hanger.

Benny: I want to be just like Dania. Except I don't have long hair.

Benny: [kicking me with increasing speed and force] Sorry, my feet didn't know you were there.

Benny: Your cheeks are really bouncy. It makes me want to bounce on your cheeks. If I were small, I would bounce on your cheeks, and then I would grow up to be the same size again.

Mom: [completely out of nowhere] Wanna arm wrestle?

Tori: Since when do you have cute sneezes?!

Tori: When you guys leave me, it makes me love you so much.

Benny: I picked you to dance with me. Let's go dance to the music, girl. Turn on your computer music. I'm just gonna grab your little belt.

Benny: Ice cream truck!
Mom: That's not an ice cream truck. That's a truck that's been vandalized, son.

Elder Stevens: I come from a family of actors, but I cannot act sad around Benny.

Mom: Yoga is just short for yogurt.

Ben: I want to fight.
Tori: I don't want to fight.
Ben: I want to wrestle.
Tori: How about we snuggle?
Ben: Okay. I want to wrestle!

Benny: Exercise makes me tired. Do you think I should stop exercising?
Mom and Tori: No.
Benny: But exercising makes me so tired when I get at the end.
Tori: But it makes your muscles so big and strong. Do you want big muscles?
Benny: I'm gonna get big muscles! By drinking lots of drinks!

Benny: Tor, if you flick me, I'll punch your flick.

Tori: Mom made me digestible love.

Benny: I wish you were a bald girl.
Dania: Why do you wish I was a bald girl?
Benny: Cause then your hair wouldn't tickle me so much. I wish you didn't have legs, too, cause then you could fly to walk.

Tori: The attic doesn't have a floor.

Mom: "Gourmet on the Go." Hardly. They gave me the unsalted nuts--are they trying to kill me?!
Tori: [who called Mom while we were running errands to say this] Dad won't make me pancakes.

Mom: What is in this?! It's like some kind of devil coke! That IS a devil coke. But it tastes like an angel.

Mom: Santa was wearing a freaking sports bra on the lawn mower!

Benny: I like that door. I want to steal that door as a present.

Benny: [stroking my hair] *sigh* You could look like an angel someday.

Tori: I only want to run away from home to a park and then come home for dinner.

Tori: This sounds like screamo jazz.

Benny: I'm thirsty!
Dania: I think there's a water bottle on the floor back there, do you see it?
Benny: No, I'm cold. That's how you say you're cold in Chinese.

Mom: Leave me alone! I'm hangry! I'm tired and I think I'm in my coffin--I'm gonna diiiiiiiieeeeeeee. I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up in your bed.

Benny: I'm going to marry a girl in my gymnastics class.
Dania: You are? Why do you want to marry her?
Benny: Because she looks so pretty in her orange gymnastics uniform.

Tori: I'm gonna use a butter knife. I feel so rebellious, cutting butter with a butter knife.

Benny: Mommy, can we go to the toy store and get me another broom?

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