Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today started off well. Well, kind of. It actually started off with waking up to Benny in one form or another. For my dad, it was Benny dumping a water bottle on him. For the rest of us, it was just him being fussy. Nevertheless, we were all aroused, and began our first full day of Jamaican paradise.

Breakfast was delicious. They had a big buffet of fruits and other breakfast food, and I was in heaven. They had some fruit that's native to Jamaica, I've never even heard of it before. It was pretty good--it tasted just like a flower. You wouldn't really expect it that to taste good, but it does. We ate on a table outside, and there was a little bird hoppin around. He was fun. (Photo credits for the bird go to my mom.)

So, I was trying to get a picture of Benny at breakfast. He blinked.

I just thought that this was hilarious.

Due to political unrest involving drug wars, we aren't really leaving the hotel grounds. The nearest branch is about 20 miles away, so, we didn't have a chance to go to church, unfortunately. We just took it easy today instead. My mom, Tori, and I took Benny down to the pool and relaxed there for a time. Actually, for pretty much the whole day. It was nice. Gotta love taking naps and waking up sweaty from sun and humidity, huh?

We came back to the hotel room to get my dad, and it turned out that the toilet had decided to flood all over the room. So, they gave us a new room. We packed up, said farewell to the old, first floor view:

and said hello to our new, 3rd floor view:

With that adventure through, we went back to the pool.

A little while into it, Benny got kinda fussy,

then tired,

then fell asleep.

Man he's a cutie. And he's totally taken care of no matter where we go. We had lunch at the pool, and our waitress made a bed out of beach chairs for him. She pulled two together and laid towels on tops, then folded a towel up to be a pillow for him.

There are certain advantages to paying for a package that includes meals ahead of time. It's really fun getting receipt after receipt that looks just like this one.

My mom and I went on a little Sunday walk like normal, but around the hotel grounds instead of around the temple. It was so fun - we saw a little beach wedding, and a bunch of beautiful flowers around the grounds. As humid as it was, it sure was fun to have a little change of scenery for our walk.

Okay, coolest thing for the day. Everyone here totally remembers who we all are. My dad took Benny down to dinner early and was waiting for us girls there. We got to the front desk and they just showed us where the boys were--we didn't even get a chance to say anything first. They totally recognize us, it's so cool! Then Tori and I took Benny back early while my parents stayed, and when my parents were walking back some maids asked where "our baby" was and what his name is. How cool is that? They are so nice! I can't hardly even stand it, I just love them. They are so sincere in everything they do - maybe I'll take something from them every day we're here. Sum up: Day one - Unselfishness. Day two--sincerity. What's next?

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