Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poolside Perfection

Seeing as how I never got around to yesterday's explorations, here it is.

Let's start with this: treadmills are not the way to go. Especially in a hot, stuffy workout room. I was all excited to go on a run again, and my excitement was crushed once I started that beast of a machine. Eventually I just got sick and tired of splashing sweat all over the plastic, and Tori and I made our way outside to roast out in mid 80 degree humidity instead. Much better, that is all I have to say.

We had another pool day, so fun.

Tori and I were playing with Benny and a volleyball in the pool while he refused to leave the stairs. At some point, he must've stepped off, or slipped off, the stairs or something, cause under he went. Tori quick pulled him out of the water, and his response was a quick gasp, and then he said, "ball?" All he cared about was that he didn't have the volleyball anymore. What a kid.

Poolside smoothies are to die for. So is reading on a comfy beach chair. So is 70+ SPF sunscreen. So is not being sunburned.

We had lunch on the beach at the Jerk Shack, as it was called. Yummy chicken.

We could see the hobie cat boats out on the ocean. I tried to take a picture, but the camera had just come from the cool hotel room, and it steamed up the lens. I thought it turned out kinda cool. Now for some more moments from lunchtime.

Our table

Tori and Benny chasing the birdie

Now, for the rest of the pictures from the day:

Blurry? Yes. Sweet table and napkin? Also yes.

Belated Day 3 sum up - complete. Lesson learned from Day 3: be happy.

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