Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Sail! I'm a Sailor!

Missed yesterday...again. Here's a sum up...again. Dud day as far as the camera goes, sorry. But here's the few I've got:

Here's that flower fruit I had earlier - delish

There's been a cycle lately. It's nice and sunny in the morning, and then the clouds roll in and it's stormy for the rest of the day. Ish. Apparently this isn't normal, it's just how it's been since we've been here, but all the same, I think it's wonderful. While it was sunny, we had some pool time, got a slightly cooked, and came in shortly after lunch. After a short rest and nap time, my dad, Tori and I went out Hobie Cat sailing. It was so fun. It's just a miniature sailboat, with basically a trampoline for you to sit on. They have rope handles to hold on to, and out we went. Since it was cloudy, the winds were killed off a bit, so we didn't get a chance to go out very far, but that didn't matter. The water is so warm, and blue, and wonderful. I was sitting in the front - right where all the waves splashed, I loved it.

Then the storm really started rolling in. It wasn't really raining much, but it was thundering incredibly loud, and every now and again were some sweet lightning bolts. I wanted a picture. I waited and waited and waited for forever and ever out on our balcony. I saw one first, which was what gave me the idea of the picture, so I knew I could see them from where I was. Unfortunately, all I got were a whole bunch of these.

Maybe I need to better anticipate when the lighting will come. I'll work on my counting. The lightning was hitting pretty much around the center of the sky here, but it would stray to the right sometimes. It looked dang sweet, if you want to imagine the lightning bolt, go ahead. It might boost your opinion of my photography skills.

A break from the skies

Every day, Benny is more loved. People stop all the time and just play with him. Daily example: it was nighttime, and Benny had excess energy. So, my mom was letting Benny run up and down the halls while she talked to my aunt Becky. A maid walked by, and saw him and started talking to him. Pretty soon, she ended up running up and down the halls with him.

Not exactly what you'd call great pictures, but great people all the same.

Day 5 lesson learned: enjoy every moment.

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