Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo Frenzy and Sea Exploration

Today began the real purpose of why we are here--meetings. The company that my mom works for is having a convention here today through Saturday. My parents were both the first speakers, so Tori and I got some sibling bonding time.

My parents left, and Tori and I were attempting to keep Benny occupied while we got dressed to go down to breakfast. He was hungry. So, to distract him, we put him on the bed and played music. Then he started gathering all the "baaoo's" (pillows) on the bed to himself. So I gave him all the pillows from my parents bed too. The result was one large heap of pillows, and one happy Benny.

We like to sword fight with this one

We went down to breakfast, Benny was fawned over, we ate and left. Slightly more eventful than that, but we'll continue on. Tori had taken Benny out to the hall while I waited for the check, and guess who was out there? Guitar man, aka Mr. Spence, aka Suspense. Love him.

He was much more successful in gaining Benny's trust today. Maybe he'll be there tomorrow too. Let's hope so.

After a few naps and clean-ups, we joined my mom and dad and had lunch at Mango's. Once again, good burger. I really wanted to go get some pictures, so my mom walked with me for a while after lunch and kept me company. I may or may not have taken over 200 pictures while I was out.

This particular one is actually from the balcony. I just like the light.

I'll have you know, it was at this point that I started dripping sweat. It was dang hot out today.

This little sucker. Not an incredible picture, yes. But, I was crawling around the lawn of a 5 star hotel in hopes that it would turn out to be one. On my knees. And my elbows. And eventually my stomach. So, it's up here anyways, along with a few other ones lacking in quality.

My mom headed in a little earlier than I did, and when I came in she thought I had been rained on I was so soaked. If only that had been the case. All the same, she, Tori and I headed out and went for another Hobie Cat ride, then went on a little kayak excursion for a time.

Dinner at Horizons, they had a theme of "A Night in Italy" and, as always, the food was divine. I absolutely adore the hostess. She is so sweet, especially with Benny.

I can't get over how much I love the people here. They just live a life standing outside of themselves. It isn't about what they want, but what they can do. And it isn't about how much they can do, but the quality of the things they accomplish. It seems that at home I get so sucked into doing the things that I want, and the things that I need to do, and cramming as much into my life as I possibly can, that I don't take the time to just be. They get it here. They do what needs to be done, and they do it happily. But they aren't doing so much that everyone else is shut out. Even if you are willing and even want to help someone, you can't do it if you're too busy. Lesson for Day 6: leave some wiggle room.

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