Sunday, August 8, 2010


And you thought Forever Strong was cool. In Fiji, everyone knows and loves rugby. It didn't matter where we were going, I saw a rugby fields along the side of the road. Sometimes the goal posts are just some really long sticks just stuck into the ground. Other times there weren't goal posts at all. It doesn't matter, they just want to play. After two and a half weeks with these people, I guess you could say their love for rugby rubbed off on me.

Everyday after work, we played some games with the villagers for an hour or so. Practically every time we were out in that field, a game of rugby was going on. They played tackle with the boys the first few days, then Mary insisted that the tackling stop. So, touch it became. Which was news of the good variety to me - it meant I could play.

Tasha and I ran out, and had a blast. One of the villagers stuck by us and told us what was happening and what to do as we went. I even got the ball a couple of times and contributed to the success of my team! That was a good day.

We also had the chance to go and watch our village play a game. We had just worked with these guys for a week and gotten to know them, so it was exciting to cheer them on. Oh, and they dominated the other team like nothing else.

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