Monday, August 16, 2010

Foodstuff in Fiji

Fiji is one of those places that you simply expect to eat anything but your usual diet. Personally, seafood has never been appealing. In all honesty. I guess you could say I never grew to enjoy the fishy taste. Seeing as how Fiji is a collection of hundreds of islands in the middle of the ocean, I was anticipating the seafood and braced myself for a love of seafood to be forced upon me. Much to my surprise, fish was not on the plate all 3 meals every day. I had much more seafood than I've ever had in my life during my stay in Fiji alone, but it wasn't as concentrated as I had imagined it to be. Just the same, I did eat some crazy things and even overcame my dislike of seafood - to an extent.

When we were on the island, the workers at the resort made one big meal for everyone staying there. That was where I had my first few tastes of fish. It's also where I ate an octopus. The rest of the time, our meals were made by a woman named Rita. (Besides the occasional meal out.) She was lovely. Every morning she brought us delicious pancakes with syrup like I've never had before. Delicious juice was on every table at every meal, and thanks to Rita, I developed a strong love for Milo. Our other meals were just as tasty. In fact, Tasha got a couple recipes from Rita that I intend to get from Tasha in the near future. Rita made a sac lunch for all 24 of us to take to the village every single day. What a doll. While the lunches were good, they weren't anything particularly special. They were usually a peanut butter sandwich, an orange (with a green peel), and a bag of Yum-O's.

The Yum-O's were essentially Cheetos in a different shape. I thought they were good. However, most of the AYS kids did not appreciate the Yum-O's. In fact, some called them Yuck-O's. I didn't mind, Seth and I got all of the extras. I had 4-5 bags of Yum-O's for lunch every day. Save one. That day was special - in place of the Yum-O's we found Rice Krispie treats in our lunch bags.

Finding American food halfway across the world is one of those things that so beyond exciting that you would have to experience it to understand the level of ecstasy that is felt. That may or may not be exaggerated. Just the same, American food was always a joy to come across. Food such as Rice Krispie treats, or a giant bag of Snickers,

or Oreo's,

or McDonald's. P.S. McDonald's is way better in Fiji than it is in America.

We went to a Chinese restaurant before we went to the Triple C for the first time. These peppers were insanity. Now I understand why steam comes out of Shaggy and Scooby's ears in Scooby-Doo.

An example of the food the villagers prepared for us everyday.

This was our last meal in Fiji. The juice was heavenly, that is all I have to say.

Let's just say, my taste buds experienced something new while I was gone.

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