Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Taste of the Day to Day

These are a jumble of pictures from the village that don't fit into any specific category. They're just a little taste of the day to day happenings.

Delicious coconut milk through a grass straw

Little kids playing rugby with a wad of cloth

Kid in the top of a coconut tree to get me a coconut

Drinking the coconut

On the cinderblocks, in Sethie's gloves, dancin to the music

Seth handing out "lollies"

The boys after playing rugby with the village men

This is the village Kindergarten. We walked by it every morning on the way to work. This morning they all came out to say hi, and they all yelled "Good morning, Dani!" when I walked past. These kids are darling.

Best part: the river washed away the pig poo when the tide rose

Boat ride to the gravel pit

The view from the boat

Lyndsy and Zander - our next door neighbors

This is what lunch looked like every day

Mud fight - yes please

So, it rained and made mud which stuck to our shoes

In this lovely room were many dance parties held

Dance party!

Seth, being ruggedly handsome

Seth, giving it a try

We played games with the villagers every day after work. Some days it was rugby, some days it was net ball, some days it was red rover. P.S. look at the face of the girl holding my left hand. Priceless.

Weaving floor mats

Dogs were everywhere

This dog was insane. Look closely - it has no maxilla. Legend tells of a legendary warrior who's kung-fu skills were the stuff of leg...oh, wrong story. Apparently this dog was once sniffing at someone's food and that someone took a machete to his snout. How he survives, I will never know.

Zander's donated rugby uniforms hanging out to dry

The inside of the kindergarten - love

The kindergarten kids - the one in front cracks me up every time

Yes, that is a living tiger shark

Barrel rolling, this you gotta try

Lucy decided to help us out a bit

Now for some videos.

This was a game we played with the kids all the time. It's called Some Mario, and it's similar to Down by the Banks. For the longest time, I thought the words were Fijian. One day I asked some of the kids what the song meant. Turns out, it's in English. My bad.

This is after Seth and I visited the kindergarten and left to go to the worksite. Love them.

This village is one of the best places. Ever. Beautiful, fun, we had the best adventures and the most wonderful time getting to know everyone in it. Maybe I'll make it back and get another taste of its day to day life.

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