Friday, October 15, 2010

An Ode

To the things that I love.
  1. Country music
  2. Going through several taquito microphones that simply became too appetizing
  3. Singing and dancing to an empty house
  4. Running into a table while singing and dancing to an empty house
  5. Reading for my own enjoyment
  6. Joking with my dear mother
  7. Listening to Benny walk around saying, "Hello? Anybody home?"
  8. Running alone
  9. Dreaming about the future
  10. Living in the moment
  11. Cozy days
  12. Fall time
  13. The holiday season
  14. Christmas music
  15. Hymns
  16. Reading scriptures when the rest of the house is asleep
  17. Eating delicious foods
  18. Blasting Dynamite in the car at midnight with the windows rolled down
  19. A good adventure
  20. Writing with a purpose
  21. Bananagrams
  22. Egyptian Rat Slap
  23. My water bottle
  24. Dress up days
  25. Disney movies
  26. Piano music
  27. Watching Mormon Messages until the wee hours of the morning
  28. Cute moms
  29. Cute couples old couples on a walk, holding hands
  30. Paper chains
  31. Skirts with pockets in them
  32. Ducks
  33. A good quote
  34. Going out and experiencing nature
  35. Temples
  36. Taking pictures
  37. Buying fruit, bagels and, most importantly, chocolate milk on a summer morning
  38. Ultimate frisbee
  39. Rugby
To be continued.

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