Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Devil in the Palm of My Hand

Technology is a tricky little devil. Admittedly, it is incredibly convenient. I have been conditioned to a dependence on computers; one of the most difficult adjustments for AP exams for me was to write essays without one. Not only were the muscles in my right hand pushed to new extremes, but a simple “cut and paste” was no longer an option. In contrast, my trusty MacBook has helped me quickly whip together countless essays. With technology, not only are tasks accomplished more quickly, but communication is simplified.

With the push of a button the entire school can be notified, via mass text, of this week’s “party of the century.” Cell phone in hand, one can boldly charge into a crowd confident that locating friends will be simple. A light conversation can be carried throughout the day with a few quick texts. But wait, something here doesn’t quite add up. Since when are “quick” and “all day” synonymous? This is where our little devil sneaks in.

Technology claims to speed everything up. With so much extra time, what do we do with it? The answer is simple: we waste it. Allow me to explain. I use technology everyday to save time. But here’s the catch: while I’m there, I often attend to something “quick”– listen to a song, ask a question, or look up a fact. Before I know it, an hour has passed and my homework remains untouched. Each time, I am forced to admit that I have been, once again, trapped by that tricky little devil by the inviting name of Technology.

More than likely, I will continue to depend on technology. It is too convenient to do otherwise. My MacBook, with its blue and orange colored apple, will remain my trusty sidekick. I will continue to check my email, and a mass text will always be easier than contacting every person individually. But perhaps I will proceed towards technology with an increased caution, remembering that I’ve got a little devil sitting in the palm of my hand.

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