Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Perfect Ending

Every year, we travel to California for a race. A huge race. It's called Footlocker, and it is a big deal. At least, it's a big deal if you're competitive with people outside of Utah and on to regional and national competition. I, clearly, am not at that level. So I was in it for the fun - and fun I had. Allow me to tell you a story.

We got on the bus Wednesday after school and began our journey. We talked the entire way there. Essentially. About all sorts of things. We quickly realized that a large amount of hilarious things were being said, so we started a quote book to keep track of them all. They will be presented on this blog post, but not just yet.

(Photo credit: All of the pictures from Knott's Berry Farm come from Mayson's camera. And the ones from the gas station. And all the pictures from the bus except for the toes one.)

Mayson and Bronwen got engaged.

"Now take one of me killing her." 
Looks like Mayson was having second thoughts.

"If you feel something coming out of your seat, it's my toes." -Bronwen

There is a wonderful gas station that we stop at every year, usually to change out bus drivers. It's wonderful because of one thing.

I love this hand dryer. It is seriously something that I look forward to every year. 

And really, who wouldn't love this?

After switching our bus driver to Frenchie, we continued on our way. One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was the drive down. I loved talking to my teammates. Sure, we get to talk at practice and get to know each other. But it's a rare time that we get to just be with each other and just talk. Not worrying about the upcoming race, not thinking about the next 400 we have to do, just enjoying good company. Andrew and I talked about living in a foreign country and missing it for a while, which was really fun. Even though it made miss Fiji a lot.  At one point, we got talking about the gospel and how much we love it. The question was raised, "Why do you think the gospel is beautiful?" We talked about that for quite a while. We talked about the blessing it is to have the knowledge that we do, to have the guidance and the comfort of the Holy Ghost with us, to know that we have a loving Savior who not only knows, but understands what we are experiencing. I am so grateful for that conversation, it was a blessing for me to be able to feel the testimonies of my teammates.

Eventually we made it to our hotel. And went to bed. And talked for a few hours after that. Then, eventually, went to sleep.

The next day, Thursday, was such a blast. We went to Knott's Berry Farm!

I had never been there, but I was thrilled to go. In my personal opinion, it is much better than Disneyland. There are real rides there. We had two girls going to Disneyland instead, and they missed out. The entire park of Knott's Berry Farm was practically empty. We literally ran through all the lines, got on the ride, then ran through it again. The longest we had to wait for a ride was probably 10 or 15 minutes. And that felt like an eternity.

Waiting in line for our first ride - the Silver Bullet. Carrie and I apparently really wanted to be in the picture.

Waiting in line for the train ride.

While wandering through the park, we made some friends.

Carrie, Mayson, and Jasmine met some very lovely ladies.
"I'm so inappropriate, I just met the guy."

Mayson and Jasmine literally slept on the men's shoulders for some 45 minutes.
 What can I say? I love my bearded men.

We saw this quartet walking around singing Christmas carols and playing bells. Oh my, they were amazing. I could have listened to them for the rest of our time at Knott's Berry Farm, and we tried. We stalked them. Any time they left to sing elsewhere, we followed them. But, eventually, they left entirely. So we went on Ghost Rider instead.

One of the most entertaining things of the day was Bronwen. She was terrified of the rides, she thought she was going to die. For example, on Ghost Rider, she started screaming things like, "PLEASE! DON'T DIE! DON'T DIE! NO MORE, NO MORE! NO MORE, NO MORE!" Hilarious. I made fun of her so much that I lost my voice...but it was so funny.

This is literally the strangest ride I've ever been on. It's called the Pony Express. You straddle the horse, they lock your knees into this leg thing, and a giant strap comes up from behind and forces you to lean into the horse. And then you go.

 When the time came to go back to the hotel, I was ready to go back. I was so tired. We had to wait for the other school for a while, then drive all the way back to the hotel. I definitely fell asleep. And so did Andrew. And that gave Tanner an idea. He somehow managed to scoot our heads together until this picture was created.

We got back to the hotel, ate some dinner, and I was out as soon as I got in bed.

Friday was a blast. Before we left, Carrie and I had a shaving party. It was marvelous.

It was Jasmine's birthday, so we randomly burst into happy birthday songs throughout the day. We picked up our race bibs and shirts, and ran the course. 

 Seeing as how it was the day before the race, a rule was created to walk all hills.

This bus is rounded!

Then we went to the beach! It was incredibly cold though, so we mostly just took pictures, or buried people, or took naps and so on.

Jasmine and I are skilled.

Jasmine and Mayson. Yeah, I took that picture.

 Mayson and me.

 Aren't we cute?

(All beach pictures before this point were from Mayson's camera. The rest of the beach pictures are mine.)
 I'll give you three guesses to whose feet those are.

Mayson and me. I dominate.

Mayson and me. Mayson dominates.

 Jasmine and Mayson.

 I love running. Did you know that?


We went back to the hotel, and we all went to Ikea for dinner and exploration. 

I love that place, I just love to look at their rooms. But in the end, we were kicked out because we weren't actually shopping.  So we went back to the hotel and had a party in the hallway. Joeberry decided it was a good idea to whistle as people walked by, and blame it on someone else. I'm not going to lie, it was hilarious.

The next day, Saturday, was race day. My race was really bizarre, but for the most part everyone did really well.

This and the picture at Knott's Berry Farm  are the closest things to a group picture we got. We're missing a few guys, but we've got most of us!

Seniors on our last trip.

I'd like to point out that Bronwen is wearing Ian's coat. Seriously, he is such a man. He was taking care of us girls the entire trip. He was always holding doors open for us, or giving us a granola bar, or a watter bottle, or his coat. Honestly, I would love to marry someone just like him.  

After the race, we headed up to the bus. It was a while before the bus came, so we decided to take a nap.

Look at those pants. Just look at 'em.

Then we started our drive home.

This is seriously what Joeberry looked like the whole trip. He had his arms around one girl or another the entire trip. Generally, it was one arm around Carrie and one around Kirsti. As pictured.

We switched bus drivers before we made it home. Holy cow, Frenchie is amazing. He got on the speaker thing and told us he had a tradition for when he left the kids on the bus. Then he started singing God Be With You Till We Meet Again in French. He talked to us about his kids and how we help him to be a better dad to them. He talked about how much our parents love us, what they sacrifice for us. He talked about how our parents don't get to go to school to learn how to be parents and that they are doing the best that we can. He told us to "remember who we are" and that, with everything we do, we are signing our name and the names of our parents. He told us that his kids are his greatest teachers and that we teach our parents so much. He told us that we taught him so much on this trip and that we were such a great group of kids. I don't really remember everything that he said, but I remember the impact it had on me. I never would have anticipated my bus driver making me cry, but he sure did. Thanks Frenchie, we love you!

Okay, now for those quotes I promised:

Dania: Seriously! Boys can get over it. They were born too!
Andrew: Actually, little story about me guys...

(Of Mayson and Bronwen) Dania: You guys look like you're engaged.

Catie: It's ok, I thought there were 31 days in November.

(Bronwen singing The Little Princess) Dania: It's a good thing you're not the one that sings it.

Bronwen: We had a 'P' party for mutual.
Kirsti: We had a 'P' party too!

Bronwen: Dania, if you're wondering what's coming our of your seat, it's my toes.

Dania to Catie: Can you imagine US fighting over a boy?
Catie: Seriously. When was the last time either of us liked a boy?

Mayson: Ah! this is going way too fast!

Catie: But...I don't really like the feeling of a boy...
Don't write that down! I'm more embarrassed than the time I accidentally swore!

(Every time something awkward happens/is said, Andrew and Catie clicked the lights. Catie, clicking the lights)  Catie: I'm feeling the need!

Vegas billboard: Eat, drink, and be rowdy!

(Catie throwing hands in Mayson's face)
Mayson: It's like watching a 3D movie!

Dania: I wrote an essay about how my best friend was a dog.
Bronwen: So did I! Except, mine wasn't a dog. It was a bird in my yard that wasn't even mine!

Dania: Boys don't cry, you don't cry. Except when David Bean walks in.
Andrew: No, that was my brother...
Dania: Oh, that makes more sense. 

Andrew (to Bronwen) : I seen you looking at me.

Bronwen: She'll be all cute, actually not cute, she'll be a wrestler.

Catie: I'm gonna miss you.
Bronwen: I gonna miss [boy].

Bronwen: Don't write that down!
Mayson: I'll write it down in code words.

Bronwen: I like...don't know how to act natural...uhhh like... (face plant into pillow).

Bronwen: And the class was like, "aaaaaaaa" and I was like, "No, I just like his coat."

Bronwen: Late at night, I really have to pee a lot.

Bronwen: Yeah, I think I was falling asleep when I was talking about [boy's] teeth.

Mayson (mid-story): "Dude! My pants are on backwards. Oh wait... no they're not.

(Mayson covers Abi's pajama-clad feet with a pillow.)
Abi: Do they scare you?
Mayson: no I just don't like the blue hair.

Kirsti: I don't like it when boys are too skinny... (Then speaking of her man) Well, I've never seen him with his pants off.
Dania: I don't like boys...I like pieces of them.

Dania: Did you just fart?
Dania: That's ok, so did I.

Bronwen: Secretly, the door has been open the whole time...(with toothbrush in mouth and hand under it to catch the dribbles) What am I gonna do?!

Dania: That is huge. That's a lot of dead people.
Hotel worker: Poor guy...
Abi: I just said hi!

Dania: Joe, you look even shorter right now!

Dania: That was one of the most disgusting things of my life. I just licked the hotel floor!

Dania: I don't smell him at all, but I like your sweater.

Tanner: This is the smell that would have been on your legs.
Carrie: Now I wish I had put that on my legs...

Mayson: What does your dad do?
Tanner: He owns hotels.

Mayson: Why don't you use conditioner?
Andrew: Because I don't NEED conditioner.
(Complete with hair flick on the word need.)

Frenchie: I have a mission for you. Get him. (Pointing at Tanner.)

Tanner: Half of this trip is spent waiting. Waiting, waiting.

Tanner: I'm used a whole bottle of conditioner today.

Tanner: Quote book, quote book!

Tanner: I'm gonna go look at this plant.
Abi: What the heck Tanner? You have a small tree in your grasp!

Carrie: Look! That guy has the same hat as Alex! Oh wait, it IS Alex.

Joeberry: Here's a band-aid. And here's two more for when it falls off!

McKenna: Andrew's just a lady's man.

(Joe whistles at a guy that walks by. Carrie hits Abi.)
Carrie: Abi, they're not even that cute!

Bronwen: We rule the hotel, okay?

Mayson: You sound like a chipmunk!

Dania: Sometimes, I just wanna lock myself in a closet in the mountains somewhere and never come out.

Kirsti: Where is my V-neck? Have any of you seen my V-neck? I need my V-neck! (As we're all going to bed hours later) Oh my gosh, guys! I found my V-neck!

Kirsti: I am losing everything...including my mind!

Kirsti: Have you seen my shirt?
Carrie: What shirt?
Kirsti: My footlocker shirt.
Carrie: You're wearing it.
Kirsti: Oh.

Dania: Your toes are so spread out!

Dania: Danny's pants are a hunk of burning love!

Tanner: Hey, are you feeding him straws?

Sleeping kid: Whose Funions?

Tanner: Whose water bottle is this?! Oh, it's a shoe.

Tanner: (In reference to Will Smith's daughter, Willow) I'm going to name my daughter Tanno.

Joeberry: I whip my hair back and forth!

Well, I think there's actually more quotes than this, but that's what I've got for now.

Footlocker was an absolute blast. It was a nice closure to all the work I've put in for the past four years. In fact, it was the best closure I could have asked for. It was totally different from other trips; it was hilarious, weird, awkward, inspiring, fun, and filled with memories. So, here's to Footlocker - the perfect ending.


  1. Oh man, I feel like I was able to relive the whole trip. Thanks for posting this. I love love love this!!

  2. Wow, I just realized how long this post is. Good work! :)

  3. Wow, Andrew is right. That was sooooo long. But, I loved every bit of it. I miss that trip. It was so much fun. Thanks for leaving out the most awful picture of all. I don't think I'm the only one who appreciates it either. :)

  4. You know, I still haven't seen that picture. What ever became of it? Rumor has it that it is gone for good. And some twisted part of me, when I saw the title was "The Perfect Ending" and that Bronwen was in a lot of the photos, thought that the entire post would be dedicated to Bronwen during the trip, and that "The Perfect Ending" was that picture of me and Bronwen on the bus... pretty conceited of me, huh? ;)

  5. Andrew, this is further proof that you are in love.

  6. Oh Dania... what am I going to do with you? ;)