Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Breaking News!

You guys, this is of the utmost importance. I want you to carefully. They are here. At long last, the aliens have come! On January 28, 2011, a UFO was seen hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The video below is one of at least four that have appeared on the web since then. Four! AT LEAST four different angles. It is real, they are here.

The aliens have had their hard times. It has taken a lot for them to convince us of their existence. But they have had increasing success with our increasing technology. As Ryan Sagers said, "Everyone has a video camera on their cell phones nowadays, it's pretty easy to get some footage." 

So now what? Now that the existence of the extraterrestrials has been, at long last, proven, what do we do? Well, naturally, the first step is to improve protection. Though they very well may be visiting our planet with good intentions, we can't be absolutely sure what those intentions are until we have communicated with them. It is my suggestion that everyone wear these mind protection devices (as pictured below) at all times. 

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This device will ward off any alien rays or mind control signals that may be sent your way. It is important that you wear this at all times, as it is impossible to predict when they will be sent.

The materials for the protection device may be found at any grocery store, it is called "aluminum foil."

Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena offered instructions on how to build such a mind protection device, also known as a tin foil hat.

How to Make a Basic Tin Foil Hat:
  1. Locate five to six feet of heavy duty aluminum foil.
  2. Fold the aluminum foil several times, making a 12-inch square with the shiny side out.
  3. Cut the foil from one side of the center in a straight line.
  4. Bend the foil with one side under the other to make a cone shape, leaving the shiny side showing.
  5. Place the cone shaped aluminum foil hat on the head and adjust the fit by mashing the foil against the head.
  6. Tape the cut you made in the foil securely closed.
  7. Punch holes in each side of the hat with a pencil, ball point pen or tip of scissors.
  8. Place rope, twine, ribbon or any other string-like material through the holes and tie snugly under the chin.
Tips and Warnings:

It is very important for the shiny side of the aluminum foil to be showing when the hat is complete to make sure it is effective against alien rays or mind control signals.

The next step we must take is to improve communication with the aliens. This is a tricky one. A question was asked on about this very topic. The question and answer was as follows:

Why UFOS does not communicate with us officially?

The US gov't won't allow them to. We entered into a treaty with them back in 1954, which allowed them to do certain experiments on US citizens in return for certain technologies. That treaty was broken by the Greys back in the '70's, causing the Dulce Wars, which resulted in humans being removed from the lunar base, although we still have the Mars base/city. Basically, we decided to go with the wrong group of ET's, and now we're stuck.

Well, there you have it folks. But perhaps there is something that we can do about it! If each individual were to take it upon his or her self to communicate with them, eventually we will have success. There are a number of approaches to communicating with the ET's out there but, in the end, the most effective method was demonstrated in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Music. Music is how we can understand what these aliens have to say. It is, after all, the international language.

I would now like to indulge you with some quotes from a conversation on this breaking news. 

Ryan: The aliens are here and you guys just don't want to deal with it!

Ryan: There are people that study this kind of crap, I've read all the blogs and they say that this is the most legit video that they've ever seen. There is no doubt about it, the aliens are here!

Ryan: Mrs. Van Orden, the aliens are here and you can't deny it.
Mrs. Van Orden: Okay.

Ryan: They're here!
Corbin: Yeah! It's about time they come and get LeBron!

Tyler: I think this is all bogus.
Ryan: Ya? Well you're gonna be dead.

Tyler: I think it would be sweet to get abducted by aliens!

Thomas: Will Ferrel is an alien. Mr. Myrup is an alien. Him and Mr. Luke -- Mr. Luke went home! He went back to the mothership!

Thomas: Tyler is an alien!
Tyler: I am not an alien.

Ryan: People are trying to disprove it but they can't, they just can't! Everyone has a camera on their cell phones nowadays, it's pretty easy to get some footage.

Thomas: Facebook was created by aliens.

Tyler: K, I'm Googling it. "Aliens in Jerusalem."

Ryan: No one can disprove these videos. It's unstoppable. It's out of control.

Ryan: Tyler is an alien.
Thomas: We've already proven this.
Ryan: You are an alien, Tyler, we've found you. You're not supposed to be found out this early in life, so you're trying to cover it up. But we've found you.

Just remember -- music is the key to communication and, ultimately, understanding. And don't forget your hats either.

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