Friday, March 25, 2011


a clear and certain perception
of truth and facts

Have you ever stopped to think about thinking? Or about learning? Or about how we retain what we think and learn? Not necessarily the actual physical and scientific process, but just about the fact that it happens--isn't it amazing? This fact alone gives us power; power even greater then most of us recognize.

And yet, knowledge is so often abused. I don't mean that it is used for ill purposes, though it certainly is, but what I wish to say is that knowledge is neglected. After all, neglect is considered a form of abuse.

We so often strive to throw away our greatest power--knowledge. My peers and I have taken pride in our minimal efforts regarding school while still "pulling off an A." Why? Why, when there is so much that we can do with the knowledge that we can attain? Why, when school, and learning, and knowledge are some of the greatest opportunities available to us?

Whatever the reason, it is objectionable to say the least. We have a whole world to gain knowledge about and there is nothing to hold us back but ourselves. Whether it's through formal education or our own personal efforts, we never have to stop learning, growing, and improving. We never have to stop progressing, there is always something more to be gained. What a blessing!

Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, will rise with us in the resurrection.

Knowledge is the one thing that we can carry with us into the next life. I say, take advantage of the opportunities around you. They are everywhere! You don't need to have a formal class, textbook, or even a teacher to learn. Look around you. By being aware, by engaging yourself in the world around you, you become more curious. And that is the first step.

Develop some intellectual curiosity. If you have it, you will never be bored. If you haven't, cultivate it, hold fast to it. Never let it go. To the intellectually curious, the world will always be full of magic, full of wonder. You will be interesting to your friends, to your spouse, and a joy to your children. You will be alive to all the wonderful possibilities of this world.

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