Sunday, April 24, 2011

Never Alone, Little One

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It is so, incredibly easy to feel alone in this world. It is painfully easy to feel alone in this world. At times it seems all that we can do to hold on as the world spins faster, faster, and faster still. In the blur of the speed, our surroundings become one swirl of loneliness. We, like a child on a playground carousel, cling to the bar with all our might. We forget the reality of those holding us, those fighting to keep us on. As an unseen force drives us spinning faster, we lose trust in our eyes. The blurs no longer discernable, we retreat. We take cover.

And we feel alone. 

One of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so.
--Jeffrey R. Holland, None Were with Him

We are never alone unless we choose to be. At any time, no matter the circumstances in our lives, we can look to Him. He feels your individual joys and your individual sorrows, He understands them. He understands how they tie into your life. He understands that, though others may go through similar or exact experiences, your life affects you individually. His love for each of us is infinite, and the only times He is not by your side are the times that you walk away from Him. And even still, He waits. He waits patiently, lovingly, knowingly. He waits to welcome you back.

Perhaps it is easiest to rely on Him during the difficult times because we cannot see Him. We cannot hear Him or feel Him. Not with our worldly senses, no. We do not know of His presence because of our bodily senses, but because of our spiritual recognition. Perhaps, when the world fails us, when all that we can experience with our body has fallen through, when we are left--what seems to be--utterly alone, we see our one, unfailing, unmoving strength. We see Him. We see that He has never left us, and He never will leave us. We recognize that familiar being as our Guide, our Protector, our Comforter. We see our Lord and Savior. We see our Brother. We see Christ. 

And as He welcomes us back, He reminds us of His love for us. He takes us comfortingly into His arms with the words, Never alone, little one. Never alone again.


  1. I love that talk by Elder Holland! (None were With Him)

  2. Thanks Dania! That was absolutely beautiful! I loved your thought on relying on the Savior because he is not physically apparent to us. It had never really occurred to me that we so easily shut out the things that are pulsing around us, and that we have to cling to the one beacon of security and strength. When reality seems too cruelly real, the Savior is right there and though we cannot see him, he is far more real than any kind of comfort found with us. Anyways, thank you so much for your thoughts and your wonderful heart!