Monday, June 13, 2011

Lessons Learned

There are certain life lessons that are occasionally learned at work. Random as they may be, I feel that it is important for each of you to take these lessons into your heart, as I have into mine.

  1. If you are a female with the first name of Mary, you really should avoid seriously dating men whose last names are holidays. Especially when the holiday is Christmas.
  2. It is never--and I mean never--safe to ask a woman when her baby is due. Sometimes her child is not a nine-month-old fetus, but a nine-month-old baby.
  3. That lady who looks dead in her car probably isn't actually dead.
  4. Though the postman may wear a funny hat, he really doesn't have a hidden agenda.
  5. Sentimental songs, sleep deprivation, and loneliness are a terrible combination.
  6. Otis Spunkmeyer cookies are beyond addicting.


  1. "Sentimental songs, sleep deprivation, and loneliness are a terrible combination."

    Lesson learned, do I obey the lesson always? No. Does it ALWAYS make me miserable? Guaranteed.

  2. Number 5- this is all I have to say to you: leave me the heck alone! You are one lesson I don't think I'll ever really learn.