Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Quotes

Due to the fact that this post is in such high demand, I have made the executive decision to construct it first. But, you must swear to at least skim over the posts to follow as well. It would also be preferable if you headed over to this lovely place and discovered today's addition.

Just kidding, I guess you don't really have to. I mean, some of you do little more in my neck of the blogosphere than [ctrl+F+your name] once a month. If that is what brings you true joy in life, then it brings me true joy as well. Because true joy--that's important.

Dania: I really wanted to sleep in today.
Mom: You did.
Dania: I really wanted to sleep in for forever.
Mom: That's called dying.

Tori: Bugs are going to have their own heaven.

Cameron: It's hard work being this lazy, I'll have you know.

Cameron: My right ear could run a marathon! It doesn't get tired!

Mom: She might do your nails, but she's not gonna love you.

Steph: Well, talking about them isn't going to make them appear and kiss our lips.

Steph: That's it, I'm losing my VL tonight.
Dania: With who?
Steph: I don't know, who's awake?
*Note: VL is short for virgin lips.

Steph: VL club is also synonymous with FAT club.

Seth: Well, we can't all be Helga, so that's not fair.

Kristy: Why am I not in here? I'm funny and charming.

Grandma: Watch out Dania, Caleb's gonna see me with a pink ribbon.

(Just after finishing the Utah Valley Marathon.)
Mom: I need a walker.
Dania: I need a coffin.

Matthew: And never chew while you're eating.

Matthew: (In reference to donuts) There are extenuating circumstances.

Steph: If you think about it, a pearl to a clam is kinda like a tongue ring in a person.
Matthew: It's more like a kidney stone.

Tori: You can pretend you're dead every night, Dania.

Kristy: Here is what I realized, is, FATE...

Benny: Woah, careful Eli.
Eli: It's okay, I'm talented.

Steph: Wait, why is he holding up money?
Catie: Um, he's trying to bribe me to go on a date with him. That's a lie.

Kristy: I had a dream about this dream guy. And I wish he was real--he was amazing.

Kristy: I was walking down campus and I saw these really cute guys, and I was like, "Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm single."

Kristy: I was gonna come back to it, it's not like I was abandoning it.
Dania: You're talking about a banana.

Kristy: What? We are on the wrong page--I am in love with dream guy! I didn't even get his name...

Seth: Yes, South Provo, we have phone books instead of technology.

Tati: Have fun in your new life.
Tori: Have fun in your same life.

Dania: Why is he running like a penguin?
Tori: He's a football player.

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