Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Quotes

Tami: (About Abuduction, with Taylor Lautner.) Do you realize how many girls are gonna watch this?!

Tami: Oh my gosh, I think he has more muscles in this one!

Tami: Oh my gosh! Is this it? It is! (About Breaking Dawn preview.)

Caleb: I'm myself...

Caleb: The world doesn't need kind people!

Caleb: You were ready for 16 at age 5!

Dania: I look like a man.
Caleb: No you don't. (In a deep voice) I look like a man.

Caleb: But it's so much fun to not walk around with a soggy diaper!

Tori: Less talk, more snore.

Tori: It is so hot! Why in the world did God create so much heat?!

Dania: Where are your eyes?

Caleb: Oh, that is a good calf muscle picture. It's like I have abs on my legs!

Dania: It's not my fault he's funny.

Caleb: Hi Benny, do you want to gaze longingly into my eyes?

Tori: With great power comes a great need to take a nap.

Caleb: It takes a true woman to laugh at her own jokes with such intensity.

Caleb: Oh yes, like mother, like daughter. Twice.

Kirsti: Get a man.

Andrea: We should all take a boxing class together.
Becca: I would like that, actually. I have a lot of rage.

Andrea: There is nothing in this world like a sugar cookie cookie dough.

Dad: No, we don't need those. The rain dancers need to be shot.

Benny: I bought this for you. It's mine.

Benny: Did you burp, Dania? Did you burp? You did--you did it by youself. Happy burpday, Dania.

Shayne: I'm the only Shayne-boy I kn...I'm a girl.

Shayne: I don't know why I'm not hungry. I think I just ate--oh, I just brushed my teeth.

Amber: And I actually have closed my heart, which is BAD!

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