Saturday, September 3, 2011


free from impurity or sin

Today was a good day. Want to know why? Doesn't matter--I'm telling you anyways. It was good because my apartment is clean. (Oh yeah, I failed to mention to my blogger-bloggy-blog-blog friends that I go to college now. So now it's blog official.) Want to know why it's clean? Because I cleaned it. Here's how it went down.

I woke up after sleeping in as long as I felt like, because it's Saturday and that was my one true desire. After gorging myself on a delicious meal prepared by two of my most lovely roommates, I proceeded to clean the kitchen. It was the least I could do. But, while cleaning, it hit me--that cleaning mode. And, before I knew it, the morning was through and the entire apartment had been wiped down, swept up, mopped, vacuumed, washed, and, in short, purged of all evil. An inexpressible joy filled my soul as I showered in a perfectly clean bathroom, washing away all remaning filth that I had dealt with in the past few hours. As I looked around, in my clean state, I breathed a deep sigh of relief and thought to myself, "I did it."

I know that this cleanliness won't last forever--with six girls on a hectic college schedule living in this space, one would have to be crazy to think that it would. But a week from now, a girl with two hardworking hands and a messy ponytail can bring back this same feeling. And you know what? Nothing really compares to it.

I imagine that's what Heaven will feel like--clean. Not only clean, but it will feel like a clean that we worked for. We spend this life cleaning and dirtying and cleaning ourselves again, all as we strive to reach our ultimate goal. And reaching that--reaching an eternal feeling of cleanliness--is something far better than anything any of us can experience in this life. But I imagine it's something similar to the cleanliness of today, something where I could take a deep breath and say to myself, "I did it."

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