Monday, October 3, 2011

To You Who Have Noticed

I went on a bit of a blogging binge. Does that term actually apply? I feel like that more accurately describes the reading of many blog posts, not the writing of them. Regardless, you may have observed that I have already posted quite a few posts in the past 24 hours. (Five, to be exact--this making it six, and another on the way. Yes, like a baby.) Lest I be subject to your judgment, allow me to explain. Upon perusing my blog posts, I found a number of them sitting in the "drafts" section. Mostly, I just felt bad for the poor little guys. I mean, they had a purpose in existing, didn't they? It was high time they get out of that nasty drafty corner and out into the real world with a shining sun and an incredibly delayed fall.

Anyways, happy 200th post and stuff.

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