Tuesday, December 13, 2011

November Quotes

Never you mind the fact that it's nearly halfway through December. Just enjoy these hilarities during finals week. Deal? Deal.

Kristy: Oh my gosh, my cat. Oh my gosh, how long has he been locked in the bathroom? Well, he was smart. At least he went to the bathroom in the bathtub! But he was so close, he could've used the toilet...

Shayne: I don't want to go to class. I just want to look like a genie by myself all day.

Cristina: You guys, whatever guy I end up with, they are just going to love me so much.
Lindsey: They? There's going to be more than one?
Cristina: Oh yeah! And they're going to love me so much--they're gonna be sad to see me go when I have to move on to the next one.

Cristina: I'm gonna go through these next few weeks and be like, "I love school! I love finals!" I'm pretty sure I love finals more than Christmas! NOT!

Cristina: [Hitting an empty water bottle with a pencil] I'd like to make a toast--to FINALS!

Hunter: So maybe if we washed our dishes, our apartment would be warm.

Shayne: Christian, quit popping the trunk on my dishwasher.

Christian: Kessa, you don't have to tickle me to hold me.

Christan: McCall, your shirt is growing out of your jacket.

Iris: I would shake your hand, but my toes are frozen.

Jacob: If I wrote a book called Scarred for Life, it would be about those three hours.

Jacob: I am a boy. We have our trademarks.

Christian: I'm going to make an ice sculpture out of root beer. And then I'm going to eat it.

Hunter: I could cry.
Dania: What kind of tears?
Hunter: Tears of joy.
Christian: And salt.
Hunter: And candy.
Christian: Salt. Water. Taffy.

Mark: Well, if a guy comes up and starts giving me a massage, it's like, I could think of ten things I'd rather be doing.
Shayne: Being massaged by a girl is one of them.

Mark: Wait, is this a professor, or a real person?

Christian: Once I hit a girl's head with my cheekbone and she thought it was a chair. It was like, "I was flexing my face and broke your head."

Hunter: It was like touching a cloud. Like a cloud with soft fur.

Kessa: You guys hav eno idea! There have been so many cool sunsets in the morning! I mean...

Mom: Yeah, he's probably waving at me too. With his middle finger.

Adam: You know how they have guest stars on Sesame Street?

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