Sunday, January 22, 2012

December Quotes

Iris: [Singing] I wanna be Old McDonald's clown.

Brooke: I swear, somebody intricately placed popcorn everywhere.

Shayne: What do you think separated? The egg from the nog?

Dr. Crandall: It's pressing against my huge cranium.

Rachel: Don't let the scary clowns ruin your entire clown experience.

Rachel: [Of Harry Potter] I read them like scriptures!

Jasmine: I wish I didn't feel guilty drawing on the Sabbath.

Mommy: Why are our waffles singing? Christmas carols?

Tori: Goodbye, dead one.

Tori: Sheepie! Why are you so fast?! Oh, it's a goat.

Tori: I had a dream I was eating a bagel, and here they are!

Mommy: Dang that guy looks like Satan!

Benny: [With my sweater tied around his neck like a scarf] Dania, look at my pretty new dress!

Dania: Benny, after Santa comes down the chimney, what happens?
Benny: Then he gives me a present, and what's inside?! [Gasp] It's a dog!

Mommy: I thought there was a dead turkey in our driveway, but it was a rock.

Mommy: Is he a runner? Cause he kinda has muscles for a runner...

Mommy: Are you in a wit-match?
Tori: Yes, it's better than a battle of the twits.
Tori: That didn't come out exactly as I planned.

Tori: I don't feel like eating.
Dania: I feel like eating biscuits and gravy.
Tori: Yes! I feel like eating again!

Tori: You have luck finding your house when you grow up and get married!

Mommy: What would you like?
Tori: Meat.
Mommy: What kind of meat? Ham?
Tori: No.
Mommy: What kind, then?
Tori: The brown meat, cut in strips.
Mommy: Steak?
Tori: Yeah.

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