Thursday, February 2, 2012

For This Day

The walk back from the testing center is surprisingly soothing. Regardless of how little I knew or what score I found on the screen downstairs, by the end of that walk I invariably find a smile on my face.

The middle of that walk, however, is often filled with a turmoil of emotions. Disappointment in a score, hope for future scores, determination to work harder, joy in the precipitation, shock at the disapproval of said precipitation from an otherwise adorable girl (my jaw literally dropped), and gratitude for the opportunity to live this crazy thing we call life.

Isn't it great that there is always tomorrow to wake up, try again, and be our very best selves? Each day is a blessing--a miracle--and I refuse to see it as anything less. I thank the Lord for every day that I have to live, and improve, and become. I thank Him for His endless mercy, and for the strength and support He continually offers me as I strive to grow into His plan for me.

Because of Him, I never have to give up. There is always hope.

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  1. This is a very true post. I like it. :) AND YOU!!