Sunday, February 5, 2012

January Quotes

Kristy: He's going to be a surgeon though, so he has really nice hands.

Iris: [Running into the room] It was on purpose! He's a player! He tries to get girls, but he's not a successful one!

Iris: He is a cutie pie. I, I am a chicken pot pie.

Random Church Board in St. George: Forbidden fruit creates many jams.

Brother Nielson: This is my man-wife!

Iris: [Patting my head] I like the shape of your head.

Kevin: I just can't write love songs. I've never been able to do it. I've written infatuation songs!

Kristy: I saw him on campus, and he was eating a sweatshirt...sandwich...

Kristy: No, it smells like a stinky man. Like a good stinky man. Like musk

Kristy: I was at the relationship...I was at the restaurant.

Jess: She was in the paper because she's going to Ghana.
Tori: What's Ghana?
Jess: It's a country.
Tori: Oh, I thought it was a college or something.

Dania: Why does packing exist?
Tori: I don't know, I think the devil invented it.

Random Guy A: She doesn't know it yet, but we're pretty much dating. She's totally into me.

Random Guy B: Oh, by the way, don't be intimidated by the shirt. I'm not the real Spiderman.
Random Girl: Oh, good, cause I was wondering.

Shayne: You were an accident child!
Dania: Nuh-uh! I was a blessing!
Shayne: Yeah, a blessing from the devil!

Brother Hopkin: No! Valiant men stand in battle and slaughter each other face to face!

Kid in Book of Mormon Class: [Reading Alma 48:17] "Behold, the very powers of heck...hell...habit..."

Dylan: [Who is a girl] I have a testimony of Occam's Razor and I know it's true.

Dylan: I think it's because I'm really attracted to men on longboards. But, surprise, men on longboards aren't really attracted to Physics majors.

Dylan: When buoyancy is an essay question, lols are had. [Sounding out "lols"--AKA lolls.]

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