Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daringly Optimistic

Today was the first time I heard that phrase--daringly optimistic. She was a mother of four boys, one of whom was severely handicapped. He was expected to live a maximum of two years, though it was more likely that he would return to his heavenly home after just a few short weeks. Both estimates were wrong--Caleb lived to bless his family with his presence for seven years.

She was daringly optimistic through it all. She dared to fight reason, to disregard physical limitations, to overturn emotional barriers. She dared to see the beauty and the blessings of what others may have deemed a trial. She dared to live and love with all that she had. She dared to make her heart vulnerable as she strengthened those of others. She dared to believe in God, in His plan, and in His power. She trusted God, because she knew God. Against all odds, she was daringly optimistic in every way.

And I thought, "I want that to be me."

Dare to see the good, to feel the joy, to experience the beauty of life. Dare to love the ride. Dare to live and laugh and love. Dare to love beyond fear. Dare to hope beyond reason. Dare to trust in an unseen God. Dare to see His hand in all things--dare to be guided by His light in the darkest of times.

After all, it takes a few clouds to make the most brilliant of sunsets.

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  1. that was SUCH a good devotional! what a good goal! i'll make it mine too :)