Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Quotes

Iris: Peter, you have to admire me.

Dania: You look cute! You lok like such a BYU student!
Iris: Yaaaay! I look white!

Iris: I was so tempted to go to sleep right now. Like, on a bench. But then I was like, "Boys don't like hobos."

Dr. Christensen: Watching television saves lives.

Random Guy: I kept wanting to tap your foot, but then I didn't want the people at the testing center to thin I was sending you a message through morse code.

Shayne: I started talking to my ovary today.

Shayne: Maybe my ovaries are kicking me.

Random Guy: We met like four times before she even knew who I was.

McCall: How could he NOT like you?
Andrea: Yeah, if I like you...wait.

Dr. Christensen: Let's look at all the gory details here. I guess this is kinda PG-13 if you don't like math.

Dania: Hi.
Shayne: Hi. [Double take] Oh, weird, I have never seen you like that ever in my life.
Dania: Like what?
Shayne: Like that--relaxing.

Iris: Kessa, what are the characteristics that you like in boys?
Dania: She doesn't like boys.
Iris: MEN.

McCall: Dania, you are so malicious. I know that every wink is a death wish.

Iris: Veagan is when you don't even eat eggs, right? What do they eat? Poop?

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  1. bwahahah! you guys are a funny group of gals :) loved this.